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What to expect when I come to save the bees?
I will try to show up as soon

as I possibly can.

Swarms tend to move along quickly.
You can watch a swarm leave through the air.

It is CRAZY!


What makes it a swarm?The average swarm can have 30,000 plus bees in it! That is close to 5lbs!

I will come with all of my beekeeping equipment. In most cases I will have a large cardboard box with screened breathing holes for the bees.

I place a large sheet under where the bees are swarming at. Then place the large box on top of the sheet.

If the bees are within arms reach, It makes for a much easier catch.

If they are up in a tree, well then you are in for some entertainment and a

possible tree trimming.

Once I have most of the hive in the box, and confirm that I have the Queen.

They will be moved to the apiary garden and live a happy life next to alfalfa fields and wildflowers.


Common Questions

-Are swarming bees angry?
No their tummies are full of honey

-Why do they cluster like that?

The are gathering around the Queen to protect her.

Why do bees swarm in the spring?
Bees swarm for a couple of reasons.
-Their hive is to full for them to place any more nectar or baby bees.

So they move on to find a bigger home. 

-Second reason is disease, stress, lack of food in the area and so on.


Serving Northern Colorado:

Honey Bee Swarm Removal, Bee Removal,  Firestone, Frederick, Erie, Longmont, Boulder, Dacono, Brighton, Fort Lupton

Do you have a swarm in your yard?

Tree? Mail Box?
If you see bees!

Call Me!



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