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Who is the CRAZY Bee Lady under the veil.......

Shelli Quattlebaum Female Beekeeper Colorado

Hello, my name is Shelli. Keeping bees and learning about our local pollinators has been a long-time passion of mine.

2024 marks my 3rd year in the Colorado State Beekeepers Association,

Mater Beekeeping Program.


I am in year 2 of the Journeyman level.

I am also studying in a Master of Mellitology program at Oregon State University.

I truly enjoy learning about honey bees and all of our pollinator friends. 



Beekeeping is the tip of the iceberg as far as hobbies

and things I enjoy doing goes.

I enjoy being able to contribute to saving bees and helping the local farmers and community, 

benefit from having more pollinators in the area.

I also enjoy trail running, stand up paddle boarding, camping, hiking, fishing, cooking (anything), and photography. 
I am also a local business owner of

Shelli Quattlebaum Female Beekeeper
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