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Beekeeping Mentorship Services

I have been keeping bees since 2020

I started my education into beekeeping with a month-long course taught by master beekeepers through the Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association.  At the end of my first season of beekeeping, I realized this wasn’t going to be as easy I thought and I needed more education so my bees could succeed in our diverse Colorado climate. 

This led me enroll in the Colorado State Beekeeping Association’s Master Beekeeper program that fall. I moved quickly through the apprentice program in 2021  and I am currently enrolled in the Journeyman level. 

I attend monthly master beekeeping classes to keep up-to-date on the latest studies and testing in apiculture. Each month, we host a different professor in the field, such as Dr. Samuel Ramsey from CU-Boulder.

As students, we must host in-apiary workshops, complete guided studies and submit hive logs, along with a list of other requirements. 

I am experienced in all areas of beekeeping. I have successfully caught several swarms, split hives, reared Queens, harvested honey and treated varroa mites and other pests that affect our bees, including ants, months and wasps. 

Last year, I volunteered as the Beekeeping Program Instructor for Weld County 4H. I hosted an in-apiary workshop and showed how to inspect your hive, find the Queen and split the hive. One of my 4H kids took home the split and raised them as her bees for the county fair. 

My youngest daughter and I have been keeping bees as a 4H project since 2020 as well. Teaching children about honey bees is a passion project of mine. 

I have spoken to a few organizations to educate children on how we can help our pollinators by planting flowers and providing water baths. That included making crafts with them and bringing equipment for them to experience through touch and play. 

Photographing my bees is my favorite part about beekeeping. I have also spoken to beekeeping clubs about how to best photograph our bees and apiary.

The 2024 Bee Culture Magazine cover features one of my photos.  Several more are featured inside. Photography allows us to see what is going on in our hives after we close the lid. 

At the Larimer Country Fair 2024, I  placed Champion in the comb honey, extracted honey, flavored honey, beeswax, and frame honey open class. I believe that entering into competitions helps me be a better beekeeper. I am also always willing to hear criticism to become a better beekeeper. 

I am also a level one Honey Sommelier taught by Marina Marchese.  I enjoy good honey and have great appreciation for the variety our state creates. That has led me to be a local judge for honey competitions. 

I am a born teacher, I try to make beekeeping digestible and easy to understand in a basic sense. I want you to be a successful beekeeper not a behaver. 

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